Musée du Louvre


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Rue de Rivoli Entrance 

Musée du Louvre

at Musée du Louvre

Main entrance 
 Musée du Louvre

Mona Lisa,
da Vinci

Ecstasy of St. Cecilia

Self Portrait,

Madonna with Child Surrounded by Six Angels, Cimabue

La Belle Jardinere,

Virgin of the Rocks, da Vinci
The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, da Vinci
The Valpincon Bather,

Artist copying the masters

The Winged Victory of Somothrace

 Winged Victory 

Mecury, French Sculpture

Teacher dressed as statue

Borghese Gladiator

Winged Bull, Citadel of Sargon II

Napoleon, French Sculpture

Hall of the Masters
The Dying Slave,
The Rebellious Slave,
Aphodite or
Venus de Milo
Barberini Faun Captives;

This museum is the largest palace in the world and houses a collection of over 208,000 works of art.  French kings lived on this site from the 13th  century but most of the present palace was built by Napoleon.  He converted it into a museum after the Revolution.  Inside are treasures not to be believed.  The Louvre is divided into three sections: DENON, SULLY, and RICHELIEU, and each of its 3 floors is color-coded to help guide you through.  Entry to the Louvre is through a new glass pyramid in the central courtyard.  This pyramid takes one two floors below ground level where you purchase tickets.  During the construction of the pyramid, remnants of a medieval palace with a moat were uncovered and these remnants have been incorporated into the new design on the entry level.  In addition, the entire museum is being renovated and the collections will be shifted around until completion.  On this entry level one will find a huge underground mall plus a very good food court.  This section is accessible from the museum, or before/after hours, from an entrance on Rue de Rivoli.  The main attractions for tourists are WINGED VICTORY, a statue from 2 centuries before the birth of Christ and The MONA LISA protected behind bulletproof glass.  In the same gallery with Mona Lisa are additional paintings by Da Vinci, as well as masterpieces by Titian and Raphael.  Nearby galleries contain a superb collection of paintings by Rembrandt.  In the Greek Antiquities galleries on the ground floor stands VENUS DE MILO.  Also on the ground floor in another wing are 2 Michelangelo SLAVES.  We entered, picked up a free self-guide map, and rushed directly upstairs to see “Mona Lisa” before the crowds and tour groups made their way there.  By doing this we avoided most of the heavy crowds around the most famous works of art.  We then went back down to the first floor after the tour groups had departed.





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